After the first year, the biggest changes in a toddler eating habits typically include the changing of their eating habits, such as the switch from formula/breast milk to cow's milk, and the more rapid introduction of new foods. The probability of food intolerance and allergies will also decrease. Normally at this stage, your child will become more physically active and tend to get excited over the presentation of food such as the taste, colour and shapes of food as well!

The following is a list of Petit Bowl’s balanced meal suitable for your active child:

  • Chicken dishes: Chicken Broccoli Pasta, Chicken with Sweet Corn & Rice, Chicken Tofu with Xiao Bai Cai & Rice, Chicken Casserole & Rice, Hainanese Chicken Rice with Cabbage
  • Fish dishes: Salmon Superstar, Sole Fish Casserole with Rice, Cod Fish Spinach & Alphabet Pasta
  • Seafood dishes: Spanish Paella
  • Beef dishes: Beef casserole & Rice, Beef Vegetable & Rice, Braised Beef & Barley Pot, Cottage Pie
  • Vegetable dishes: Pasta Risotto, Tasty Rice with Lentil, Minestrone, Cheesy & Corny Alphabet Pasta