Learning to be independent! - 10 to 12 months

At this stage, you can start offering small pieces of “finger food” or table food to your baby with meals as this is the time whereby your baby may start to pick things up with her thumb and forefinger. Ensure that her hands are clean before allowing her to feed herself with her hands or with a baby spoon. Be prepared that she will make a mess as making a mess is part of learning how to eat!

Suggested Petit Bowl food to offer from 10 months of age onwards:

  • Offer pieces of cooked and soft vegetable and also soft, ripe fruit like banana (e.g. Dessert like Banana Mango Coulis)
  • Give bite-size pieces of tender fish (e.g. Cod Fish Spinach Alphabet Pasta, Sole Fish Casserole), meat (e.g. Hainanese Chicken Rice with Cabbage, Chicken with Sweet corn & Rice, Chicken Broccoli Pasta, Chicken Casserole & Rice, Pasta Risotto, Braised Beef & Barley Pot, Beef Casserole & Rice, Cottage Pie), tofu (e.g. Chicken Tofu Xiao Bai Cai & Rice), lamb (Happy Lamb Spaghetti).