At this stage, your child’s basic eating and feeding skills are formed thus they should have the ability to feed themselves. Most child would tend to be very active at this age, thus they are required to consume a variety of food from each food group to ensure optimal intake of all vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is also essential to include plenty of complex carbohydrate and protein to fuel their growth and for them to keep up with their activities.

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At the same time, preschooler may face new challenges regarding food choices and habits. Decisions about what to eat are partly determined by what is provided in school, at home, the influences from friends in school, and the media (mostly television). Therefore it is very important to educate your child on the importance of nutrition.

Begin to introduce healthy snacks to them such as:

  • Yoghurt (Petit Bowl offers strawberry, peach, and apricot yoghurt)
  • Fruit as snacks (dried apples) and join them at snack time.

Begin to introduce balanced and healthy meals to them.

Petit Bowl provides a following list of balanced meals:

  • Chicken dishes: Creamy Chicken Penne, Chicken Broccoli Pasta, Chicken with Sweet Corn & Rice, Chicken Tofu with Xiao Bai Cai & Rice, Chicken Casserole & Rice, Hainanese Chicken Rice with Cabbage, Noodle Doodles, Dancing Ramen
  • Fish dishes: Salmon Superstar, Sole Fish Casserole with Rice, Cod Fish Spinach & Alphabet Pasta, Salmon with Caixin Ramen, Penne Dreamland, Butternut & Orange Pasta
  • Seafood dishes: Spanish Paella, Tuna Mushroom Pasta, Sliced White Fish with Brown Rice Mee Sua, My First Tom Yum Soup Vermicelli
  • Beef dishes: Bolognese Capellini, Beef casserole & Rice, Beef Vegetable & Rice, Beef Broccoli with Vermicelli, Braised Beef & Barley Pot, Cottage Pie Lamb: Happy Lamb Spaghetti
  • Vegetable dishes: Macaroni Cheese, Hidden Vegetable Pasta, Pasta Risotto, Bowie Tie, Multi Colour Pasta, Tasty Rice with Lentil, Vegetable Curry Couscous, Minestrone, Cheesy & Corny Alphabet Pasta

To stay energized, preschoolers need two or three healthy snacks a day. Try offering them a snack about two hours before the next meal and keep your child active throughout the day so the appetite to consume main meals will not be affected.