Ready for solids! - 7 to 9 months

When your baby is six to nine months old, she is ready for solid food. At this stage, eatinghabits are developing. This is the time for you to introduce different flavours and textures.You can gradually start giving your infant lumpy and mashed food. As your baby becomesbetter at eating, proceed to giving her finely chopped food. By introducing different flavoursand textures, your child is exposed to more variety of food and at the same time, gets agood balance of nutrients. Most importantly, this will train your baby not to be a pickyeater.

Your baby is ready for solids when he:

  • is six months old;
  • holds her head up;
  • sits up in a high chair;
  • keeps food in her mouth and swallows it instead of pushing it outturns her face away if she doesn't want the food;
  • closes her lips over the spoon; and
  • opens her mouth wide when you offer food on a spoon;

From 7 to 9 months, it is important to offer iron-rich foods, thus Petit Bowl provides arange of puree and textured dishes that are rich in iron:

Puree: Creamy Spinach Mushroom, Creamy Green Bowl, Broccoli and Rice Casserole, First Beef Bolognese, Happy Lamb, Chicken with Apricot & Rice, Cod Fish with Sweet Potato

Porridge: Baby Porridge with Apple, Baby Porridge with Prune, Baby Porridge with Banana