What is Petit Bowl?

Petit Bowl provides meals for children aged 4 months to 6 years old and is a feeding solution for parents:

  1. Who are travelling
  2. With busy schedules
  3. Whose kids are picky eaters
  4. Who wish to lighten grandparents’ care giving load
  5. With domestic helpers who do not know how to cook the child’s meal well.
  6. Who wish for alternative meals to complement home cook food for their little one.

These meals known as “frozen solutions” are prepared by blending and mixing fruits, vegetable and grains together with fresh meat and fish without added salt, sugar or artificial flavourings into delightful combinations. Any Petit Bowl meals can be consumed by the child with simple heating or kept frozen and store for future meal times.


Our mission is to help lighten your burden and provide you with the best feeding solution by serving only fresh, healthy, nutritious and tasty meals for your little loved ones.

5 Principles to your child’s healthy meals:

Fresh and Simple:

At Petit Bowl, we constantly strive to provide the best feeding solutions for your little ones! All frozen meals are made from fresh ingredients and have no MSG, sugar, salt and chemical preservatives added.

Quality Assurance:

We are very careful in the selection of ingredients used to prepare your child’s meals. We ensure that all ingredients used in food preparation are freshly purchased from reliable supplier.

Choosing the Right Cooking Methods:

We aim to prepare meals that contain the highest nutritional value, through the application of healthy cooking methods to ensure all essential nutrients are retained after cooking.


Steaming is the best way to preserve flavour and most nutrients in food. When we cook, the timing and handling of food are carefully monitored to ensure that there are no losses of nutrients. We ensure that the food is tender and has a smooth texture.


Stewing/simmering is an easy “one-pot-wonder” solution, as the food and cooking liquid can be served together. Therefore, stewing/simmering the food conserve most nutrients as the cooking liquid is consumed along with the food itself.

Offer Variety

We serve many varieties of healthy, tasty and nutritious meals with different flavours and textures for your baby to consume. From main meals to desserts, we offer an extensive menu for you to choose from. Single ingredients, such as carrot, apple, and broccoli, and creative mixture of healthy, nutritious and tasty food such as Trio Bowl, Golden Pot and Creamy Green Bowl are served. (Click here to view our product range).

Nutritional Balance

At Petit Bowl, you can be rest assured that your baby’s meals are rich in a variety of essential nutrients needed for their growth and development.